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I don't go crazy over every flash I see. In fact, I actually think that giving a 10 or 0 is never applicable because it could always be better or worse. But this is the exception. What a collection of artists!

This was one of the longest flashes I have ever seen, despite the fact that is it uncommonly witty! This was absolutely halarious! The animation was top-notch and the comedy came throught so well! This is one of my favorite flashes of all time, and is up there with one of my favorite "anythings" of all time!

I loved every second of it. This is truly special and deserves all the sure-to-come praise that it surely will recieve. Bravo!

O man!

All of these WGJ4K movies are amazing, but this one may be the best! I loved how you ignored the animation aspect of it ( which is usually phenomenal ) and just let the camera sit there and let the banter dish out the jokes! This was absolutely halarious, well done yet again!


That was just great. The animation was wonderful. The voice acting was spot-on. The comedy was very funny and delivered very well. I enjoyed it the entire time it was running, and when it ended I was disappointed. Bravo!

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That was cool I enjoyed it. Great job. Don't listen to the haters.

this is NOT too hard

I dont know what the deal is but this game is not that hard. Its all about getting you cash maxed as quick as possible and the yeehaw points. The yeehaw points are actually the most important. A well timed harvester can completely change the momentum of the battle.

Very good game, I loved it. The gameplay was good, even though the idea isn't completely original, it had some unique things. Make a sequel please! :)

That was cool

I liked it, it was kinda original ( cause lets face it everything has been done ) and it was fun. Not the kind of game I would want to play over and over but definetly fun. Well done!

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Catchy and Funny!

I loved it man, it is well put together, very catchy in that great punk way, and it is even pretty damn funny! Def one of my favs, great job man!

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Nostalgia Attack!

This is simply amazing. Not only is it technically awesome but the Power Rangers!?! Man, I haven't felt nostagia like that is a long time. I remember the green ranger was soooo cool, and then he turned into the white ranger.

This is fantastic, well done!

Totally Wicked!

and hyenaproducts review is about as helpful as a pecker on a priest, he obviously think because you drew them with 3 toes and its was "dark" opposed to "kreepy" you deserve a 1?!? screw that

This is great, I loved the gritty feel to it and Ralph is the front is the best. I thought you portayed their personalities and fighting styles very well with one except, Mikey. Maybe you should have had him bashing someone with a skateboard or something you know. As it is he is the least interesting in my opinion. Other than that just amazing work man. Make another one like this, maybe like Captain Planet?!?!?

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