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10,000 Medal Score!

2010-12-03 01:35:55 by DroLord

Just reached 10,000 Medal Score!

It took a while but there it is :)



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2010-12-03 04:34:06

Not to be offensive, but I think being proud of having medal scores from flash games is over compensating for feelings of inadequacy in something else.

If your a real gamer, one should be selective in their choice of games and play them only for the Guts, not the Glory.

Basically I'm saying, it's nothing to be proud of if something isn't worth achieving.

If a game is too easy, why should you be proud to rack up useless medals? f1VYY

(Updated ) DroLord responds:

Wow dude, I didn't expect to go on some sort of introspective journey. You get the medals when you play the games...what do you want me to do? Find Tom Fulp and demand he make a way for me to deactivate my medal score because I don't want people to think im over-compensating for feelings of inadequacy? I guess making a 2 sentence post about it was a mistake. As for the whole guts and glory thing....they are games dude. There is no guts or glory, just people who try to make being a "real gamer" into something more than it is, which is a grown man playing video games as diligently as a child. Congratulations.


2010-12-03 09:05:38

Congratulations man ...

I agree with JakaBaronKing


2010-12-21 22:45:42

i already have more than you :-/


2011-01-17 12:48:35

congrats man, it is quite a milestone, my last milestone was 5000 and now I have 6570 points or something close to that.